Override Filters

18 Mar 2013

Sometimes, when creating a new event in one of my calendars, I’ve known that the event should have a different visibility in my ScheduleShare feeds than it will given my current filters.

Previously, I’d have to go back and edit the filters for each share to account for the new event. This solution is totally against our “set it and forget it” goals of the ScheduleShare web interface.

Now, we have introduced override filters. These are snippets that you can include in the title or notes field of an event to control that event’s visibility across all shares. By default, they are:

You can customize or disable this behavior on your profile page. Deleting the override tag will turn that tag off.

These tags will be effective only for calendars that have either a filter setup or have a default view or either details or busy. Calendars that are never included in a share will continue to not be included, no matter what override tags you include.