Hiding Transparent Events

Last updated: 05 Jun 2014

Some people want to be able to always hide events that have been set to show their time as Available in their calendar applications. On Google Calendar you can do that by editing the details of an event and toggling the control labeled Show me as to Available

example google transparency control
Transparency Control for Google Calendar

Other calendar applications have similar controls.

By default, ScheduleShare will treat these events the same as any other event, and make the display decision based on the text content of the title and description fields.

Steps to always hide Available events

  1. Check the box labeled I want to be able to automatically hide all events for which I am “Available” on your profile settings
  2. Use the check box labeled Hide all events for which I am “Available” on each share’s edit screen to hide those events for each source calendar that you want to use.
  3. Save your share

At this point, only events that you’ve told Google (or your other calendar provider) to show you as busy will be passed through your filters and default visibility settings to possibly make it onto your generated feed.

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