Last updated: 05 Jun 2014

Filters form the backbone of how ScheduleShare decides what to include in each shared feed. Setting up filters is most of the work that you have to do when creating or editing a share.

Filter Order

Filters are applied in priority order, with the first match winning. The order is:

  1. Transparency filter
  2. Global filter overrides
  3. Configured per-source calendar filters
  4. Default event status

Transparency Filter

The transparency filter is only applicable if you have enabled it for your account. See the help article for information on setting up transparency filters.

Global Filter Overrides

Override filters are set on your profile and apply to every single share and source calendar on your account. See the blog post announcing them for more information on setting your overrides.

Per-Source Filters

These filters are added to each source calendar and are only applicable on the share you are currently building. This makes them ideal for events that you might want to show to some people and hide from others.

To create a filter

  1. Click the Add Filter button under the share and source calendar the filter should be active for.
  2. Enter the text that should cause this filter to match.
  3. Choose if events that match that text should display details, just a busy message, or be completely hidden.
  4. Drag filters from the “hamburger” icon on the left into the correct order. Remember, the topmost filter that matches the event will determine how the event is displayed.

Filter Query Language

Filters have basic support for AND and OR queries. Use && to AND together two phrases. Use || to OR together two phrases. Words separated by spaces are matched as entire phrases.

For example:

Default event status

Finally, if an event does not match any of the previous 3 filters, it will be displayed according to the default All other events control for its source calendar. This control can be set to

Together, these controls allow you to only display the exact information you want, for the people that you share this feed with.

More Information

More help articles.

Please send us an email if you have any other questions.