iCalendar Source Integration

19 Sep 2013

You can now include calendars from any source that provides an iCalendar link. In addition to Google Calendars, you can include events from iCloud,, and Office 365, and any other service that provides an iCalendar export.


To add an iCalendar source, first copy the iCalendar feed url from your provider’s share or settings screen. Then:

  1. Visit your list of source calendars at
  2. Click the button labeled “Add Another Type of Calendar”
  3. Enter a description for your own use
  4. Paste the source URL that you copied from the source service
  5. Click “Save”

The newly added calendar will appear in the Source Calendars list of your shares next to your existing Google Calendars. You can create shares with only Google Calendars, only iCalendar sources, or a mixture of the two.

Note for Office 365 Users

Please see Microsoft’s Video for instructions for retrieving a link to the iCalendar format. You should send the email to yourself and then copy the link that starts with “webcal://”

Help & Support

Please send us an email if you have any questions about including iCalendar sources in your shared feeds.