Subscribing to Your Share

Last updated: 05 Jun 2014

There are two main ways to use ScheduleShare to share your schedule with other people.

  1. By sending them the iCalendar feed address to add to their calendar application.
  2. By sending them the HTML view address to view your events on the ScheduleShare site.

Which one you use depends on how the user you are sharing with wants to view your calendar.


The iCalendar view allows a calendar application to automatically refresh your events so they are always up to date with your schedule.

With a properly installed calendar application already on their computer or mobile device, clicking on the iCalendar feed URL (which starts with “webcal://”) should automatically start the process of subscribing to the feed.

If clicking that link does not work, or opens a calendar application that is different than the one the user wishes to use, then the feed can be added manually using a menu item that will sound similar to “New Subscription”. For instance, in the Calendar application on Mac OSX, the menu item is “File => New Calendar Subscription”. The user then should paste the feed URL (again, starting with “webcal://”) into the Calendar URL field.


The HTML view is more appropriate when you are sharing your calendar with someone who only needs to see your schedule briefly, or does not want to clutter their personal calendar with your schedule.

The URL for the HTML view is similar to the iCalendar view, but it begins with “https://”. Any web browser with Javascript enabled can be used to view the calendar.

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