Help Connecting Google Calendars

12 Dec 2013

Recently, a change in how Google handles OAuth requests has made it difficult for some people to connect additional Google accounts to their ScheduleShare account.

If clicking on the “Connect Another Google Account” button on your calendars page results in seeing a success message for an already connected Google account, the following steps will help you.

Thankfully, it is quite easy to force Google to present you with an account selection screen.

  1. Visit the Google homepage
  2. Click your avatar in the upper right corner and then click “Add Account” in the popup window that appears
  3. Sign into another Google account that you want to connect to ScheduleShare
  4. Go back to your calendars page and click the “Connect Another Google Account” button again

At this point, you should see a dialog asking which Google Account you want to connect to ScheduleShare, as well as an option to sign into yet another account if the one you want to connect is not listed.

As always, please email us if you have any questions or feedback about anything related to ScheduleShare


ScheduleShare should now always prompt you to choose your Google Account when logging in. Please email us if you are still having issues with multiple accounts.