Creating Events in Google Calendar

Last updated: 23 Feb 2020

Personal and Professional plans now have the ability to write events back directly on a specified Google Calendar, bypassing the need to subscribe to the .ics file within Google Calendar. This is useful for anyone who uses Google Calendar’s built in functions for finding available time for new appointments. It will also avoid the issue with Google Calendar not updating events from ScheduleShare often enough.


  1. Ensure you’re subscribed to the Personal or Professional plan
  2. Visit your source calendar page
  3. Click the “Grant Write Back Access” button to agree to the enhanced permissions on the account you want to write back to. You only need to grant this if you want to create events directly in Google
  4. Edit your share, and select the calendar you want to write events on.


You will not be allowed to write events on a calendar that is serving as a source for this share. Set the source calendar to hide events and save if you wish to create events on a calendar that’s already being used.

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